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Eda Taspinar

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Eda Taspinar Bronzing Bomb - 200Ml

Bronzing Bomb will help you catch the original Eda Taşpınar bronze color
9.000 KWD

Eda Taspinar After Sun Cooling Gel - 200Ml

Eda Taspinar Ice Cool After Sun Gel moisturises your skin by creating an ice effect on your bronze skin with vitamin E.
5.500 KWD

Eda Taspinar Bronze Intense Lotion 200Ml

Eda Taspinar Bronze Intense Lotion helps you to keep your tan for longer and acquire a long lasting perfect tan by moisturizing your skin.
4.500 KWD

Eda Taspinar Bronzing Protective Oil (Spf 15) 200Ml

The Bronzing Protective Oil used by Eda Taşpınar when she first starts sunbathing
6.500 KWD

Eda Taspinar Intense Bronzing Spray-200Ml

Product Advantages Thanks to the innovative and easy-to-use spray packaging, you can spread sun oil more easily on your body. Thanks to the unique formula designed by Eda Taşpınar, it accelerates the natural tanning process of the skin. With the Intense Tanning Spray, you can enjoy the sun and have tanned skin without worrying about sunburn or premature skin aging
7.000 KWD

Eda Taspinar Self Tan (Dark) 200Ml

Designed to ensure that all eyes are facing you all year round. A darker, tanned shimmer appears within a few hours.
10.000 KWD