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Big Mouth

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Cupcake Blanket

A delicious dessert when it’s as hot as a desert? Our humongous Cupcake Beach Blanket lets you enjoy both—without getting gritty sand in your teeth. It sits 5 feet across, letting you soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip. Plus, the storage pouch makes a great beach tote. If you really love pastries, go for the hat trick with a new Pool Float, and some Beverage Boats.
10.000 KWD

Giant Pizza Beach Blanket

Few things make people happier than a huge pizza and the beach. A 5-foot wide beach blanket gives you the best of both worlds - soaking up some rays or a towel after a quick dip in the water without going into a food coma. Don't forget to match a beach umbrella, pizza slice float, or Flying Food!
10.000 KWD

Giant Shark Beach Blanket

If you hate the feeling of sand in fish fillets, you should upgrade from this scrunchy bath towel from 1991 to a giant shark beach blanket. It's soft and tough and measures over a hilarious 5 feet wide, which means you'll finally have enough room to stretch out and work on that tan. The fabric is specially designed to prevent sand from seeping in and spoiling your lunch. Plus, we all know losing track of your beach spot is a recipe for panic. Our beach blankets are bright and bold, making them instantly recognizable. Even better, the storage bag makes a great beach tote. Don't forget Beverage Boats, Cooler or Giant Pool Float!
9.000 KWD

Peace Fingers Beach Blanket

All we say is give the beach a chance. Everything is crispy and gravy until you lose your spot on the beach. If only you'd bring a bright and bold beach blanket instead of using the one your family brought back to the original Woodstock.
10.000 KWD

The Giant Lime-Pink Float Is In The Shape Of A Tube

Have you ever wondered how to make pink lemonade? Just like the chocolate milk that comes from chocolate cows… BEHOLD! Here is the pink lemonade pool float. It's the fruit that brought us pink lemonade—the official drink of summer. An inner tube measuring over 3 feet wide lets you sit back and relax with a fruity drink in hand all summer long!
14.000 KWD

Giant Bling Ring Pool Float

If you really want to help your girlfriends, tell them he suggested it! Our new Bling Ring Pool Float measures over 5 feet wide and makes great fun for a day by the pool, beach, or lake. Better yet, you don't have to worry about dropping it to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
14.500 KWD